A vent silencer contributes to a safer and better work environment

Noise is a very common thing when working in the heavy industry. Companies in the oil branch for example, or the ones on drilling platforms or big industry halls. They all have really big vents to pump in more fresh air. This essential for the overall environment and working conditions. One downside is that these vents make noise, a lot of noise. This is where a vent silencer come in and solve the problem!


What is a vent silencer exactly?

These silencers are basically attachments which are placed on top of the vents. This is necessary to reduce the noise pollution. These silencers will cancel out any noise above 90 DB. For example, a standard air vent emits around 150-160 dB of noise. This is some hefty noise pollution. This pollution causes ear damage to the operators in the area. These silencers are mainly used in big, heavy industry. Due to the fact of use of heavy machinery and air pollution, in combination with the big halls, it is important to use good vents.


Vent silencer contributes to a safer work space

Resulting is the fact that an unsafe work environment is created for the operator. As CEO or manager of the company, this is the last thing that you want. Besides that you want to create the best work environment for your staff, you don’t want to have problems with law enforcement. It is prohibited by law to let your staff work in an unsafe environment. This means that if you, as an manager of CEO, let your staff work in an noisy environment, you can get fined. By using good silencers, you avert the risk of putting your staff in danger. The silencers create a safe work space by reducing the noise pollution. The normal noise pollution is around 150 to 160 dB. By using silencers, the pollution is brought back to 90 dB. In combination with ear protection, staff will be entirely safe.


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